Climate Change Pioneers


Project concept
The purpose of this proposed project is to supplement the activities of the project titled Climate Change Adaptation in our local Communities. Our aim is to raise awareness about climate change and internalizing climate change adaptation in our local communities.

Activities and Implementations
– Conduct awareness campaigns in schools specializing with implementation of traditional media through theatre, dance, music and poetry spread climate change messages in a familiar context on waste (solid and liquid) management and/or sustainable land use and/or disaster preparedness in the piloted communities.

– Develop and implement practical low-cost measures in reducing land based pollution into coastal ecosystems (e.g. make a debates in schools to promote the building of compost toilets, competition in schools about waste recycling, make a public campaigns against burning of fossil fuel such as coal, gas formed the geological from remains of the living organism and chopping down of our forest)

– Design and implement a simple climate and environmental evaluation and monitoring by creating a quarterly newsletter and distribute it to schools, piloted sites and relevant NGO’s and stakeholders.

– We promote tree pet to young people where they plant a tree and personalizes it by giving it a name, communicate with it, share their personal life with it and make sure is growing healthy and beautiful.