Find Your Future

Find Your Future- Career Expo!!

Find you future is the project aimed enlightening exposing and encouranging young people in schools and communities about the future career they wish to persue in life. Basically this project came about when GYC members realised the importance of choosing the career path. A detailed project/ plan had to be formulated

Exposing and facilitating information about careers to children has been done over the years and we thought of doing it different way of which the children will be more involved to get the feeling of how is it like to be in that career.

Golden Youth Club is a performing art organisation and we developed the strategy to link the careers to performing art that we know the best. Then six stages were prepared to executive the plan.

• 1st Stage : talks about finding your own future career which also deals with workshop to explain the project, self introspection for individuals and other personal development programmes about careers.
• 2nd Stage: comes after has realized their potential on which career path to take. We promote the mentorship ‘’ Role Model’’ program for children in that chosen career to look up to and learn more about that career. ‘ Researches, SWOT analysis, take a child to work’ are done in this stage.
• 3rd Stage : is the development of characters, simple because now children have a clear idea about the careers, GYC comes in with the performing art that requires them to prepare a monologue of the chosen career, rehearsals, costumes and props preparations.