HRC ( Human Rights Club)

They are the fundamental things that human beings need in order to flourish and participate fully in the society. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge on human rights as an individual and as part of the globalized community. As its heart, educating students on the rights and responsibilities is a vital part of building a peaceful community. Giving students the chance to learn about human rights in an early stage and teaching the importance of respecting other’s rights is helping in ensuring that they take responsibilities as national and global citizens.

It is important not to just present doom-and-gloom examples of human rights violations week after week, but to also highlight how individuals and communities are fighting for their rights every day, all over the world. Presenting human rights as an active force for social justice is the key to a successful and inspiring club.

Making students exposed to practical experience in promoting human rights would help in creating a wider culture that respects human rights.

Brief statement of the human rights problem that this project intends to address:

• Women in vulnerable situations exposed to violence and abuse including domestic violence
• Children in vulnerable situations exposed to violence and abuse including domestic violence as well as child-headed households
• Youth
• People affected by
-Violations of their socio-economic rights
– Race and xenophobia
– Lack of land rights
– Their advanced age

Goals and objective of your project describe what you hope to achieve

• Know the rights and responsibilities of students and use them in their daily life
• To create a supportive environment and raise awareness for basic human rights.
• Women and children recognize and understand the work of Human Rights Commission of South Africa and how complaints are lodge.
• Recognize how human rights are entitled by constitution
• To create safety in schools and community by reducing the abuse of power