-A Compaign against Bullying, in schools and the community.

Our Aim: We will develop a #NOBullying Campaign, an approach that utilizes research, posters, writing skills, theatre/acting, filming and social media. Students will learn facts about bullying, how to recognize bullying, and how to empower themselves when confronted with a bullying situation and how to help those who are bullied. With the results we will produce something for the whole nation to see, a Documentary.
Mission: Our project’s wish is for schools to be a place where everyone feels safe and accepted and has a sense of belonging. Bullying will never be tolerated here. School personnel, students, parents and the community will work in collaboration to prevent all forms of bullying through education and the establishment and maintenance of policies and programs designed to eradicate bullying.

Vision: It is the vision of #NOBullying Kidz to support and foster a safer learning environment for all students at all grade levels, handling specifically issues dealing with bullying. We seek to ensure that students involved are able to receive the necessary help that is needed so that they may grow in a positive manner and become the person that they wish to be.
..A documentary – collecting all the work we will be doing from the first stage of the project, including all the pictures, paper work and clips of all the shots that were filmed (interviews, skits, performances, and theatre plays). This will be put together and edited into a documentary and will be screened for the schools involved and hopefully stakeholders that may be interested and also broadcasted on Social Media and hopefully go viral, spreading awareness about bullying.