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Welcome to Golden Youth Club

...from the dusty road of Winterveldt

About Us

The project of Golden youth club was founded by Mahlangu Nomatlou Johannah in 2001 as non-profit organization in the garage of her parent in the semi rural area of Winterveld.GYC is a young dynamic project with a passionate vision to make performing art more accessible to audience in South Africa and across the world. GYC has grown now operate in two provinces Gauteng and North West

GYC Memory Makers

At GYC Memory Makers, we believe in the power of stories and the magic of preserving moments. Together, we can create a better future – one frame at a time.

GYC Culture Factory

Our products are tokens of African heritage, handcrafted with love and care. Each piece tells a unique story - from the vibrant patterns on our upcycled glasses, to the distinct characters of our handmade dolls, to the intricate designs of our beaded animals. Click to explore our collection

Join us on this enriching journey.

Buy a product, attend a workshop, or just explore our stories. Every interaction brings us one step closer to our mission of cultural preservation and community empowerment.